LOVE – Title Sequence

I had the chance to work on the main title of a movie called LOVE. Having been working with the producer and director for years in different projects, they trust me with the whole process, so it’s always exciting and I enjoyed every part of it. It’s always a pleasure to work with a project like this, having to show the whole essence of a movie in a short time. It is challenging to be able to create a feeling of the movie from a short brief and a single shot from the film but during the R&D process I was able to get more story from the director.

R&D Process

The brief showed that the intro would be between the moment where the main actor departed and the shot where the plane landed. All I had to work with was a shot of the plane’s wing, so I decided to make a transition to the main title using the wing and then revealing some parts of the story through the whole sequence.