MASSIVE hello mr. Bode

My name is Kevin Kuteli and I’m a video editor and motion grapher.

Being the content communication specialist, the way I would want to help MASSIVE (besides the tasks set by the team), would be by creating marketable content showcasing the company to possible skilled future co-workers. After listening to NGON podcasts, reading blogs and getting to know the team, I understood that besides the amazing games you create, you do great things for the community. The “Working Corporate Responsibility Program” is an awesome program and shows the real values of this company which makes makes MASSIVE special. I would love to be a part of this team and the ideas behind it.

As MASSIVE is constantly growing, with the AVATAR project moving to a larger space, making the company and Malmö desirable from the juniors to the professionals in the video game industry would be something I would want to work on. Personally this doesn’t just seems like a big AAA gaming company, but as a big community of people working towards something they all love. All the events you create and the commitments you guys are part of, makes me want to work with this group of people beyond the idea of the “big projects”. Having been to Malmö twice and having friends there that work in the same industry makes me not think twice before relocating. I’m willing to travel to Malmö with all expenses paid myself and work one week for free.

Personal projects I would like to focus besides the ones set by the team are:

Doing a documentary about the making of The Avatar project and the people behind The Division 2

Continuing the introductions of the amazing people that work there 

Creating a series of mini tutorials & tips, gear/class combination, solo and multiplayer gameplay with the main objective being, making this content shareable and attract new players in The Division 2

I’ve been fortunate to be part on multiple projects over five years, ranging from film productions to advertisement for different companies. Beside the hard skills, I’ve also learned how to take responsibility in art direction and the work I create, supervising a group of editors, being able to work during fast paced and high pressure projects from the pre – production until the post – production working 140 hours per week.

I look forward being part of an highly skilled team that I can look up to and get a better understanding of data science since I have an interest in that and the way it’s shaping our future. Being a Division fan I want to become the new MASSIVE agent.

Here are some of projects I’ve worked on followed by the video reel:

“TELEKOM Intro” is part of a cancelled documentary from TELEKOM Albania

Many shots from this teaser are not part of the title sequence and it’s more a way to showcase the style of the animation.